"500 HP for 950 kg, all carbon fibre"

Note: Minor changes may occur on the actual car.

Carbon Masterpiece


The SC122  uses carbon fibre in many functional and aesthetic parts including the chassis, body and accessories.


The chassis used in our cars is made from the highest quality carbon fibre with the expertise of our subcontractor; House of Composites, who has worked with several Formula 1 teams and other motor sport categories in the past.  In fact, the Carbon Fibre used in the SC122 is by regulations, too stiff for use in Formula 1.


The chassis has been designed on a known recipe for performance on the track. Super lightweight, short wheel based, mid-engined sports/race car with high torsional stiffness of up to 20,000 Newton meters per degree.


The raw chassis and rolling chassis can be bought separately through House of Composites on www.houseofcomposites.com