The Agile Story - When cars become passion


Agile was officially founded in 2016, but the ideas behind the project have been in the minds of both founders for many years. The priority has always been on the creation of sensations through an anti-autonomous machine that brings back the real need for a driver and provides real driving pleasure.  A recipe of stiffness, lightness and sheer power that brings back the original sports car experience with the advanced materials of today.


If you have the brain and the heart, then Agile will provide the muscle. You are empowered to choose where and how fast you go with the driving instruments of your ultimate driving machine. All heavy driving aids and accessories have been peeled away to reach extreme agility and apex eating performances. Which is why the name Agile feels like it belongs.


With nearly 15 years of experience in carbon fibre parts including parts for Formula 1 and other motorsport categories. The SC122 is equipped with top of the line carbon fibre and experienced hand-crafted parts that will set this company apart from its’ competitors. A company created from the passion for motor sports and the hunger for speed.

"Hunting bulls and stallions"