Agile Company

The passion for cars and racing has always been there and has grown stronger over the years.

The Agile story

When Cars Become Passion

The company name Agile Automotive characterizes the whole company philosophy and DNA as Agile stands for quickness, lightness and ease of movement – Exactly how an Agile car is designed, built and drives!

The priority at Agile Automotive has always been on the creation of sensations through an anti-autonomous machine that brings back the real need for a driver and provides true driving pleasure.

A recipe of monocoque stiffness, car lightness, racing pedigree and sheer engine power that brings back the original sports car experience together with the modern and advanced materials of today is used.

Agile was officially founded in 2016 but the ideas behind have been in the minds of both founders Bo Ørbjerg and Tim M. Hansen for many years.

Alfredo Esbrí Mateu and Federico Bertoul two double master engineering students from The Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen (DTU) took on the project of designing a carbon fibre monocoque for a lightweight open two seater sports car together with the motorsport experienced Agile sister company House of Composites in 2015. Both students were highly skilled and hardworking which lead to the project turning out so well that the two young engineers were hired after they achieved their degree. First task was to design and build the moulds for the monocoque and then the monocoque itself. They managed to produce all the carbon fibre monocoque parts so it was ready January 2016.

Agile Vision

“When we conceived the Agile SCX, the idea was to create a car that could perform at a high level on the track while still being comfortable to drive on the roads and affordable for an average car enthusiast.

In order to fulfill these goals, we realized that the key was to keep the weight as low as possible, as this has a positive effect in the performance, the driving experience and the cost. In order to do this, we designed a very stiff and light carbon fiber monocoque and took out all instruments and gadgets that were not helping the car to be safer or perform better.

As for the design, the idea was to give the car an aggressive look, but also to make a light and simple bodywork that has only the necessary coverage while improving the aerodynamics of the car.

This gives the car a raw look that really reflects how it’s built on the inside.

We feel honored and proud to see all of our hard work and dedication become a reality.”

Agile team

Tim M. Hansen

Chief Technology Officer

Efren González Madruga


Alfredo Esbrí Mateu

Chief Engineer

Niclas Madsen

Suspension Engineer

Martin krogh

Junior Engineer

Nicolaj Kandborg

Factory Test Driver

John Nielsen

Le Mans Winner and External Setup Advisor

Malthe Jacobsen

Automotive Technologist

Christina Møller Hansen

Office Manager

Isabella Møller Hansen


Helge Jørgensen


Claus Nymark

Composites Manager

Søren Sørensen

Composites Technician